A box for everything

Though there was no Chinese takeout like I suggested at 40000’s reception on Friday, there were two boxes of Franzia – box wine to go along with Nevin’s “Box” paintings. The project room, where Mark Powell’s photographs were hung, served as a Champagne/VIP room. An hour or so into the reception, Anthony Elms was the first one brave enough to uncork a bottle of Champagne Brut, exclaiming to the hesitant onlookers – “I’ll show them what a gallerist can do!”

Nevin Tomlinson looked spiffy in fitted jeans and a brown sportcoat, an outfit that Ryan Fenchel deemed “business casual.” I finally had a chance to talk to Nevin about his paintings. I asked him, first, about the transition in his work from abstraction to text. He explained, “There is such a limited audience for abstract painting these days. I wanted to create something that more people can engage in. Also, abstract painting is so much about irony, and I need to get away from that. But if you look at my paintings, a lot of the stuff that was in my abstract work is still there.”

Maybe it’s true – that text somehow engages people more. A lot of people who come into the gallery comment, “I really like Shit Box.” Maybe it’s the rainbow coming out of it. I mused, “At the end of the rainbow, there’s a box of shit.” But Britton countered, “No, no. You see, the shit is at the beginning.”


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