Reception at 40000 Friday

If you’re in the West Loop area this Friday evening, come by 40000 to a reception.  There will be food, beer, and Nevin Tomlinson will be there too.  And I’ll be there, serving edibles, so come say hi!

By the way, can anyone take a stab at what 40000 means?  It’s a secret.  Britton won’t tell unless you guess right.  Only two people besides himself know.  I Google it and the thing that comes up the most is a video game called Warhammer… Britton assured me that it’s not what it stands for!  A special prize for anyone who can take a guess…



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2 responses to “Reception at 40000 Friday

  1. How special a prize are we talking here?

  2. takeone

    the degree of specialness will be a surprise, just like the prize itself

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